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إنجلترا تحظر خروج لوحة "صورة أوماى" وتطالب بتبرعات تصل بالملايين

The UK, which has banned the painting of ‘Umayyad’, is demanding millions in donations

The British government has decided to suspend Joshua Reynolds’ Ohi film, which shows one of the first non – white celebrities in the UK, as competition for 50 50 million has begun in Britain.

Former Conservative Minister of Culture Lord Ed Weiss and leading historians have told the Financial Times that ministers should allow more time to raise funds.

The celebrity, who met King George III in 1774, attends the official opening ceremony of Parliament and paints a picture of Captain Cook touring the country.

The group, which claims to be a survival of the fittest, described the work as “an influential work in colonial history, scientific research and the Pacific” and “of unique historical and cultural significance”.

Omai film

Culture Minister Nadine Doris’ allies said they would “sympathetically” consider raising funds before the temporary travel ban expires on July 10.

The government imposed a temporary export ban on the painting in March, saying it risked leaving the UK, but the தேவையான 50m rating required to purchase the work had not reached British galleries.

It is noteworthy that the government was not asked to provide funding, but the minister wanted to give fundraisers the necessary time to raise the necessary funds.

The original export ban was imposed in March to allow time for a gallery or company in the UK to receive the painting. Ministers said the move could be extended to March 2023 if there is a “serious” fundraising effort.

Art Minister Lord Stephen Parkinson said at the time: “This magnificent painting is impressive for its size, attention to detail and the valuable insight of the community that Reynolds painted.”

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