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Lipnická bible - štít víry v neklidných časech pozdního středověku.

The unique Lipnica Bible will be repatriated from the United States, see

Everything happens as part of the sixth anniversary of the completion of the Lipnica Bible. “It was completed in 1421 in Leibnice, and it was written directly in it. That is why it is also called the Leibnitsy Bible,” explained Castellane of Leibnitsy Castle, Marek Hanselik. “You can say he will come home now,” he added with a smile.

The Lipnica Bible is unique for several reasons. It is the oldest written monument related to Lipnice and at the same time it has been preserved in excellent condition. Hanslick said: “There are not many such sacred manuscripts.”

Special measures

The installation of a rare manuscript from the first half of the fifteenth century, which will arrive from America in mid-June, requires a number of special procedures. “We should have security devices or locked windows, for example, so that daylight does not enter the room,” Hanslick mentioned some examples.

Everything will be supplemented by thematic banners. “They will introduce visitors to the production of manuscripts at the time, the circumstances of the origin, location and authorship of the Leibnizi Bible, as well as the general cultural context of this work. They will also remember the message it carries today,” explained Ladislav Langboule of the Society for Saving the Birthplace of Jean Zarzavi.

The ceremonial opening of the unique exhibition is scheduled for Leibnice Castle on June 26. “You will be part of the castle tour.” It will continue until the end of the summer vacation, “Huntzlick revealed.

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He is not even thinking of thwarting their plans’ pandemic. “We don’t have a plan B. There might be a presentation on the web, but that’s not all. Leipnicki Castellan expressed his desires simply” “It should be open.”

Those interested can also read the Lipnica Bible in the publication prepared by Okruhlický spolek mentioned above. “It is the most commendable work of a team of eighteen authors led by editors Lucy Dolyalova and Karel Bakovsky. The book contains nearly four hundred pages,” described Ladislav Langboule.

They need help freeing them

Potential readers can also help solve the problem, especially the total number of copies. “Since our association is today a voluntary civic activity without support from the municipality in which you work, we decided to address the public. The group is working on the Hit Hit platform under the name The Story of the Lipnice Bible and will continue until early June.”

Preparations for the book took about five years. “Early in 2016, in Oculus and Leibnitsi, we welcomed the director of the Museums of the Bible’s collections, where Leibniz’s Bible is stored, David Tropesch and Mrs. Gabriela Holthuis. Both projects expressed maximum support. Years of organizational effort, negotiations and conceptual work followed. Today, the work on studying the book and the exhibition has reached its final stage. “

Source: YouTube

If all goes well, the book will be published on the same day of the exhibition itself with a unique manuscript. That is, on June 26th. “We believe that this will work despite the year and a half of uncertainty that has resulted from the global pandemic. The cultural event, which will be the sixth anniversary of the founding of the Leibnizi Bible, may become one of the first ingestions to return to normal life, which we all look forward to.” “.

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Overview of the community at the time

The Lipnica Bible was created during the obsessive wars and a kind of rise of the Christian faith. The fact that he became a kind of insight into society at the time only adds to his uniqueness. “We cannot imagine it as a printed book today that people would not normally write. At that time, the Bibles were intended for home study, and their owner took various personal notes in them. In this case, the highlight is, for example, the various doctrinal facts that are They can be used in arguing with radical Hussites, “noted one Hanslick uniqueness.

It can be said that it was gradually established. “The book itself was written from 1412 to 1421. It was already partially illustrated at that time, but the best decoration was added to it only around 1435. Then the third phase deepened the decoration of the book,” said Hanslick.

The binding binding on the book now dates back to the sixteenth century. It probably originated in southern Germany. It proves that until then left the Czech kingdom with its owner and somehow traveled around Europe. We don’t know her fate until the twentieth century when it appeared in private collections in England and Switzerland. And at the beginning of the millennium, it was bought from Before the Bible Museum in Washington, where it exists to this day, ”Hanslick said.

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After all, the Museum of the Bible also plays an important role in the planned exhibition. “Thanks to this cooperation, we can organize it at all. The anonymous patron of the museum pays all the costs associated with the transportation and insurance.” Castellan admitted without hesitation, “We will not be able to pay for it.”