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جواز السفر الإماراتي

The United Arab Emirates Passport is the most powerful in the world

The United Arab Emirates passport is the world’s most powerful passport, according to a report in the British newspaper “Express” today.

According to data from the Global Citizen Solution Passport Code published by the newspaper, Germany has fallen from first place in favor of the United Arab Emirates.

Holders of UAE passports can enter a total of 105 countries without a visa and 55 countries with a visa on arrival and obtain visas for 38 countries, he said.

He added that German tourists can now enter many countries “without restrictions”.

A total of 46 countries require a visa before entering a German tourist, 39 countries with a visa and they can enter 152 countries without a visa.

In this year’s rankings, Germany, Finland and Italy are ranked second with a total of 151 countries without or without a visa.

Holders of German passports currently need to apply for a pre-visa to enter 46 countries, including Afghanistan, China, North Korea and Russia.

The organization compared a total of 199 countries and regions to determine the “strong” passport and its advantages and disadvantages during travel.

According to the rankings, Iraq and Afghanistan are at the bottom of the world rankings, where only passport holders are allowed to travel to 34 countries without a visa.

The United Kingdom is ranked sixth jointly with Greece, Slovakia, Ireland and the United States.

Global Citizen Solution UAE Passport is not crowned as the Most Powerful Travel Document.

According to the Passport Code, the United Arab Emirates Passport is second only to Germany, Finland and Italy in sharing 8 points, allowing its holder to enter 152 countries.

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Passports from Sweden, Denmark and Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, New Zealand and South Korea came in third with 151 points.