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المملكة المتحدة تسعى لتوفير شبكة من 300 ألف محطة شحن كهربائي بحلول عام 2030

The United Kingdom aims to have a network of 300,000 electric charging stations by 2030.

The UK plans to increase the number of electric car charging stations to 300,000 by 2030, with the government allocating 1. 1.6 billion ($ 2.1 billion) to the electric vehicle infrastructure strategy.

Efforts to upgrade the charging network include focusing on faster charging stations for longer trips and making electric vehicles more viable for people who cannot park on the street.

The previously announced Rapid Charging Fund has pledged 950 million (US $ 1.25 billion) to build a network of more than 6,000 express charging stations on UK highways by 2035.

Under the strategy, £ 500 million (US $ 658 million) will be allocated for home charging stations in communities, including street sites.

The new rules allow electric motorists to use unrelated charges for charging, compare prices and use stations to locate stations, and the UK will ban the sale of new fossil fuel cars by 2030, so a more comprehensive charging network will be essential. Makes the transition to electric vehicles easier.

In addition to the environmental benefits of electric vehicles, the government has promoted the plan to create jobs and reduce the UK’s dependence on foreign resources for energy and oil. Occupied Ukraine last month.

Access to Russian oil and energy suppliers has been blocked following the country’s sanctions.

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