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The United Kingdom excludes a Chinese company from the new "Sysoil" nuclear project

The United Kingdom excludes a Chinese company from the new “Sysoil” nuclear project

The United Kingdom has decided on Tuesday to exclude the Chinese company from the new “Sizeoil” nuclear project, according to media reports.

As the Chinese military conducted maneuvers and prepared for the expansion, Chinese Su-35 fighter jets crossed the Taiwan Strait.

And Chinese news agency Xinhua published a picture showing troops stationed from all directions around Taiwan. Maneuvers are in 6 surrounding areas.

Pelosi left Friday on a tour that included a controversial stop in Taiwan, the democratic self-governing island at the center of rising tensions between Beijing and Washington.

“If it doesn’t work, they get shot,” Hu told the New York Post.

The Guardian called Hu Xijintao “China’s Dwarf King” and its “most famous propagandist” in the 2021 bid.

He was previously editor-in-chief of the Global Times and party secretary, where he “helped set an exciting new tone for China on the world stage,” the Guardian said.

Pelosi’s aides have not yet confirmed whether the spokeswoman’s trip will include a visit to Taiwan.

According to an Associated Press report, in response to growing anger in China over the prospect of Pelosi setting foot in Taiwan, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said: “There’s no reason to go into that, to repel an attack, to create physical tension . . . no reason.” So there is no change in US policy towards China.”

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