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The United Kingdom has clarified its position on the upcoming elections in Libya

The United Kingdom has clarified its position on the upcoming elections in Libya

In a statement on Sunday, the United Kingdom confirmed the current political process in Libya and its commitment to holding emergency parliamentary and presidential elections.

The statement emphasized that the United Kingdom supports the House of Representatives’ call for the cooperation of all parties in creating the right conditions for elections as soon as possible.

He added: The UK embassy shares the frustration of the Libyan people that this election could not be held on December 24.

A statement from the embassy’s Facebook page called on the Libyan people to hold elections “with as little delay as possible so that they can exercise their will in a fair and inclusive election.”

The embassy recalled its position, which came into the statement of five Western countries: it is clear that the position of the United Kingdom, the transfer of power from the current executive to the new executive, must take place after the decisions. Parliamentary and presidential elections are announced early and quickly.

Most importantly, in order to avoid conflicts of interest and promote equal opportunities, candidates holding positions in public institutions should not fill positions until the election results are announced.

The report emphasizes that the UK does not support certain individuals, but continues to commend the work of the National Electoral Commission and other relevant bodies in conducting elections that promote Libya’s independence, sovereignty and unity.

Libya’s first presidential election, scheduled for December 24, has been postponed indefinitely, while the National Elections Commission has proposed to the House of Representatives that it be held on January 24, 2022. Legal barriers preventing the publication of the final list of candidates.

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