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بريطانيا تعفي مواطني الإمارات من تأشيرة الدخول لأراضيها

The United Kingdom has exempted citizens of the United Arab Emirates from entry visas

Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes the United Arab Emirates, will have access to the UK’s electronic travel authorization system starting next year, which is designed for travelers who do not need a visa to travel to or from the UK for a short stay. According to officials in London.

According to an article published on the British “The National News” website, Emirati travelers must now apply for a basic visitor visa or obtain an electronic exemption, and the United Kingdom will ensure that citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council countries have access to the system. Beginning in 2023, this will facilitate business and leisure travel.

It is noteworthy that Emirati citizens can now access 172 countries without a visa, as the UAE Passport ranks high in the Global Mobility Rankings.

The United Arab Emirates and the European Union signed the Schengen Regional Visa Waiver Agreement in 2015, which allowed UAE citizens to travel to Schengen and 8 other countries without applying for a visa.

When the new Digital Border project is launched, British officials expect the system to handle 30 million inputs and exits each year, providing the country with for the first time a comprehensive surveillance system for those leaving and entering the UK.

Officials expect bilateral travel links between the UAE and the UK to reach 400 flights a week again, with about 3,000 Emirati students attending UK educational institutions.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain approached the e-visa exemption status for travel to the UK earlier this month, paving the way for the transition to an e-travel accreditation scheme in 2023.

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The British government has been trying to amend the laws to ensure that passenger notices are checked and verified by airlines before leaving for the UK.