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The United Kingdom honors Saudi graduates at UK universities

The winners of the 2022-2023 UK Alumni Awards in Saudi Arabia were announced at a ceremony hosted by the British Ambassador in Riyadh.

Saudi graduates of UK universities (Jeddah, Riyadh, Tehran) were honored for their outstanding achievements as business professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders and for their contribution to strengthening ties between the UK and Saudi Arabia. Organized by the British Embassy in Riyadh and the British Council, the event was attended by senior government representatives and UK alumni..

The jury selected four award winners: Science and Sustainability Award, Culture and Creativity Award, Social Work Award, AndBusiness and Innovation Award.

This prestigious international award celebrates the achievements of UK higher education and UK alumni around the world. Now in its ninth year, the award has received an outstanding number of applications from international UK alumni from almost 100 countries representing more than 120 UK higher education institutions across the UK.

British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sir Neil Crompton said I am delighted to be hosting this year’s UK Alumni Awards Gala. We are extremely proud of our graduates who have built on their education to become leaders in various fields, champions of social change, and enrich the lives of those around them.

England and Saudi Arabia share a strong and recent partnership. We consider graduates of British universities as Ambassadors to both countries. Congratulations to all finalists and winners.

Dame Elythe Kennedy Maclean, director of the British Council in Saudi Arabia, said: All of the remarkable people we celebrate today have taken their UK education as an impetus to excel in their chosen professions and shape the world around them. This year’s awards ceremony is a testament not only to the diversity of UK alumni and their efforts, but also to the transformative impact of education in the UK, and with 100,000 UK alumni there is much to celebrate!

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Submitted Science and Sustainability Award Dr. Hani is a professor and consultant in Molecular Diagnostics and Medical Biotechnology at King Abdulaziz University. Professor Dr. Hani Al-Hathrami has more than ten years of academic and community service (four patents, more than 80 publications and scientific articles with high impact, peer-reviewed and established journals and several academic degrees). He is in charge of the Genomic Medicine Research Center and the BSL3 Specific Infectious Factors Division, and is the founder of the Saudi Society for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. His research on the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact worldwide in terms of discovery and treatment.

Professor Dr. Hani al-Hadrami was promoted to full professor within ten years of graduating from the UK. His British education greatly contributed to his success as a scholar and leader in his field. His achievements have been widely promoted on social media and television channels. He is one of the partners in building the platforms of scientific research for the future of Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Submitted Culture and Creativity Award Dr. Muhammad Al-Zaidi, currently an assistant professor at King Saud University, is president of the Saudi Linguistics Association and teaches master’s and doctoral students. Dr. Al-Zaidi graduated from the University of Essex with an MA in Linguistics in 2010 and a PhD in Linguistics in 2014. His research focuses primarily on how word order and its presentations—rhythm, stress, and intonation—interact. His YouTube Channel; The Linguistic Cafe teaches and inspires people all over the world for free. Dr. Al-Zaidi always felt it was very important to interact with people from different countries and cultures. Recalling her time at the University of Essex, she added: “When I started studying at the University of Essex, I had a lot of support, including social and academic support. The university welcomes all people from all countries regardless of nationality, race or anything else. It provides all opportunities to its students. At the University of Essex, we learn new skills that not only help us in the academic world, but also help us improve our lives.

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And I submitted Social Work Award Dr. Director of Economic Research at Saudi Arabia’s National Development Fund. She is one of the very few women who contribute significantly to political development, social diversification and economic innovation projects.

Manchester Metropolitan University Dr. Reham has provided the professional and academic qualifications needed by global economists. Having gained a network of first-rate mentors, experience attending international conferences, and confidence, he left it above his Ph.D. Dr. Reham will lead new and complex research on energy and social issues. She will continue to engage with policy makers, connect with universities and inspire women who are considering economics and politics as career options.

Submitted Business and Innovation Award Dr. Abdullah holds a Computer Engineering degree from Taif University in 2011, a Masters in Wireless Communications from Ghent University in 2014, and a Ph. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He holds several certifications such as Certificate of Expertise in Management of Entrepreneurship Centers.

Dr. Abdullah works to improve the environment and improve the entrepreneurship system in the society. He has led his team to organize many activities and help many startups. He believes that the education system in the UK has provided him with the important skills he needs as he is currently working in Taif by developing a business approach to raise the level of innovation and entrepreneurship. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.