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The United Kingdom is entering a fuel crisis, and stations are empty

The United Kingdom is entering a fuel crisis, and stations are empty

LONDON (Reuters) – Motorists will have to wait several weeks for fuel supplies to return to normal, Britain’s retail petrol distributors’ association has said, extending the fuel shortage crisis and causing chaos across the country.

The association notes that more than a quarter of UK gas stations do not have fuel, while other gas stations have a small reserve of 20%. According to Bloomberg Radio, many gas stations across the British capital will be closed, while long queues of cars with supplies are waiting to be refueled.

Gordon Palmer, managing director of the Petrol Retailers Association, told Bloomberg Radio yesterday that it would take several weeks for gas stations to return to normal supply.

The British government mitigated the crisis with its emergency measures, including stopping the fleet of reserve tankers and alerting the military to drive trucks, but there was no indication that drivers were listening to the advice of ministers to slow down their purchases, meaning that fuel exports could not meet her demand.

In turn, the British Home Office Police Minister, Kate Malthus, told the “Sky News” location, “Consumer behavior and the realization of fuel shortages, lead to demand at various levels.” “If we can return to normal consumption, we can return to normal distribution,” he added.