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الأمم المتحدة تأمل أن "تعى" الحكومات المشكلة خلف موجات الحر

The United Nations hopes governments will “understand” the problem behind the heatwaves

The United Nations has called on leaders to “remain alert” to the problem behind the heatwaves that could now sweep Europe until at least 2060 due to more frequent heatwaves due to climate change.

“These heat waves are becoming more frequent due to climate change” and will increase in the coming decades, World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Petteri Thales told a press conference in Geneva.

“I’m sure this type of weather will raise awareness among many governments,” Talas said of the current heat wave.

Western Europe has recorded high temperatures for a few days. On Tuesday afternoon, for the first time, temperatures in England crossed 40 degrees Celsius.

Earlier in the day, around 60 French cities in the western part of the country recorded record temperatures in an area that has seen massive fires.

“What worries us is that the time interval between these records is shrinking,” said Robert Stefanski, head of the WMO’s Applied Climate Services, noting this week that Portugal came close to the European record of 48.8 degrees Celsius set in Sicily (Italy) last year. )

Given current concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the increase in the frequency of heat waves is expected to continue “at least until 2060, regardless of the success of climate action,” Talas added.

Recalling the huge losses caused by the 2003 heat wave that killed more than 70,000 people, he also warned about its effects on health.