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اكتشاف أول دليل لكوكب خارج مجرة درب التبانة على بعد 28 مليون سنة ضوئية

The United Nations warns of a triple crisis affecting the planet… Know the details

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has warned that the planet today faces a triple crisis of climate disruption, loss of natural resources and biodiversity, pollution and waste.

Guterres said – in his message on the occasion of World Earth Day, corresponding to April 22 of each year – “Today we celebrate the International Day of Mother Earth. This event is an opportunity to reflect on how humanity treats our planet. We have not done well in preserving the integrity of our fragile homeland.” .

The Secretary-General added that this triple crisis threatens the well-being and means of survival of millions of people all over the world. He explained that the foundations of a happy and healthy life – based on clean water, clean air and a stable climate – have been severely disrupted. This jeopardizes the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

He added, “There is still a window of hope.. Fifty years ago, the world gathered around the table of the Stockholm Conference, and the conference marked the birth of the global environmental movement.. We witnessed at that time the achievements that can be achieved when we work as one entity. We succeeded in reducing the size of the hole in the world.” ozone, extending the protections of wildlife and ecosystems, and ending the use of leaded fuels, averting millions of premature deaths.”

Guterres noted that only last month, a prominent global initiative was launched to prevent and put an end to plastic pollution, which proves that enormous challenges can be addressed, and therefore the principle of the right to a healthy environment is gaining momentum .. calling for greater efforts and a much faster pace, In particular, in order to avoid a climate catastrophe, and limit the rise in the temperature of the planet to 1.5 degrees Celsius, he explained that achieving this goal is far from the right track, so maintaining this goal requires governments to reduce emissions by 45 percent by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

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The Secretary-General stressed that in order to do so, the countries mainly responsible for emissions must significantly reduce their emissions starting this year; This means accelerating the pace in order to end the addiction to fossil fuels, and accelerating the generalization of clean renewable energy, and at the same time, he called for rapid investment in adaptation and resilience, especially in the poorest countries that contributed the least to the crisis and the most vulnerable.

Guterres said, “The world is preparing to meet again next June in Sweden, within the framework of the Stockholm meeting after 50 years, where on this occasion leaders must have the necessary ambition and readiness to work to address the triple emergency facing our planet, and because Mother Earth has no alternative. Let’s do everything we can to protect it.”