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The United States commends the United Kingdom for imposing international sanctions on 5 people

The United States commends the United Kingdom for imposing international sanctions on 5 people

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The United States on Thursday welcomed the United Kingdom’s decision to impose sanctions on five people in four countries – Ecuador, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Iraq.

Washington- Sputnik. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said in a joint statement with Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen: “We applaud the actions of the United Kingdom against four individuals already identified by the United States. One-fifth of US assets have been successfully confiscated in US courts. “.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb announced sanctions the previous day, saying in a statement that today’s move demonstrates the UK’s continued commitment to combating corruption. More than 2% of global GDP is lost to corruption each year.

Theodore Mange, vice president of Equatorial Guinea, has embezzled bribes and government funds to support the luxury lifestyle, including the purchase of a $ 100 million mansion and a $ 38 million private jet in Paris.

In Zimbabwe, CEO Kotakwashi Daguerre has been fined for recovering up to ten times the official value of his company’s government treasury bills, the report said.

In Iraq, Nineveh’s governor, Nawfal al-Sultan, was convicted of embezzling public funds intended for reconstruction.

In Venezuela, Alex Saab Moran and Alvaro Pulito Vargas have been fined for embezzling property from programs that provide food and housing at extremely high prices to poor Venezuelans, the report added.

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