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The United States does not want to renew the Open Skies Agreement

The United States does not want to renew the Open Skies Agreement

The United States withdrew from the agreement last year under then-President Donald Trump, which Biden initially criticized.

The multilateral agreement provides for the possibility of mutual control flights over the signatory countries. Trump made clear his resignation last year by saying that Moscow had not abided by the deal, but Russia refused. And later, at the beginning of January of this year, it announced its withdrawal from the agreement as well.

According to the Associated Press of Russia, Deputy Foreign Minister Wendy Sherman informed Thursday that the current administration has decided not to return to the agreement. Such a decision was partly expected, since the United States recently canceled two aircraft it was using for surveillance flights.

The US announcement of the final abandonment of the Open Skies Agreement comes just weeks before the first direct meeting between Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, scheduled for June 16 in Geneva.

Russia is also formally withdrawing from the Open Skies agreement, and the law was approved by the lower house of the Russian parliament last week, and the media has no doubts that it will pass smoothly through the rest of the legislative process.

The Open Skies Treaty came into effect in 2002 and has more than thirty signatories. Its goal was to enhance international confidence by allowing for the possibility of monitoring compliance with disarmament treaties and other military activities, for example. During the period of its existence, the contracting parties carried out more than 1500 inspections