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The United States has backed the release of the vaccine patent

The United States has backed the release of the vaccine patent

“The goal is to get as many vaccines as possible, safer and more effective,” Toy said. The DPA recalls that the complexity of policies and issues regarding how the World Trade Organization operates is a time-consuming process, and that the United States plays a key role in negotiations as the world’s largest economy.

More than a hundred WTO members want to suspend the patenting of the COV-19 vaccine so that companies in more countries can produce them. Democrats have also put more pressure on the current US administration in this regard.

The DPA says countries important to the pharmaceutical industry have so far blocked the initiative. Until now, the United States has been one of these states. Poor countries accuse the rich of buying the vaccines currently being produced and preventing them from increasing their production through security patents.

“This is a wonderful moment in the fight against Govt-19,” said Tetros Adonam Caprais, secretary general of the World Health Organization (WHO), in response to the US health decision.

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