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The United States is considering boycotting the Beijing Olympic Games, and the National Olympic Committee has refused

The United States is considering boycotting the Beijing Olympic Games, and the National Olympic Committee has refused


The United States is discussing China’s approach to the winter sports holiday, including participation in the Olympics. In early February, a group of 180 human rights organizations called for a boycott of the Olympic Games, which will be held within ten months. It sent an open letter to national governments drawing attention to the treatment of members of national minorities, such as Tibetans, Uyghurs, ethnic Mongols living in China, and Hong Kong residents.

The group did so after it failed to appeal to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to get China out of the Games. The International Olympic Committee has argued that it is a sports organization that does not want to get involved in politics. The same attitude was voiced at the time by Martin Doctor, Sports Director of the Czech Olympic Committee (WWTP).

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The USOPC reacted similarly. “We reject boycotts because they have been shown to have negative consequences for athletes without any impact on global issues,” said Susan Lyons, president of USOPC.

However, the administration of newly elected US President Joe Biden is also dealing with this issue. There is still time to make a final decision. “There is still some time left until these games. I don’t want to say any deadline, but discussions like this are underway. It’s something that we definitely want to discuss. Working together will not only be in our interest, it is in our interest as well. Allies and partners. So this is how this one is.” It does not matter. Of the topics on the table, “a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry said.

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China denies any allegations of human rights violations. He claims the calls to boycott the Winter Olympics are purely politically motivated. “The politicization of sport contradicts the Olympic Charter and harms the interests of all athletes and the international Olympic movement,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in response to US reports. He expressed his belief that neither the American Olympic Committee nor the rest of the International Olympic Movement would join such activity. “We will organize with all the parties successful and amazing matches,” he added.

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The provinces for political reasons held two Summer Olympics in the 1980s. In Moscow in 1980, due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, teams from a number of Western countries, including the United States, were lost. On the contrary, the Soviet Union and other socialist countries, including then Czechoslovakia, did not arrive in Los Angeles in 1984.