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The United States is flexing its muscles – Good Morning Slovakia

American training in Europe

On March 15th United States Army Europe and Africa Announced Beginning of the tutorial Defender Europe 2021. The training operation, designed to test the response and operational capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces and NATO, is the most important training event since the Cold War. More than 28,000 men from 26 different states will take part in the training. The military will train for more than three months in 16 gymnasiums across the European continent. After the first phase, which is dedicated to transporting U.S. troops to Europe and preparing goods – already stationed in large US military depots in Belgium, Germany and Italy – the troops will be stationed in the Balkans, in the Black Sea. And the Baltic. However, in May, the actual training phase will begin, focusing on a number of training activities.

This exercise actually involves several training events, each of which aims to test certain abilities of the participating forces. In Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania, about 7,000 soldiers will take part in the exercise Swift answered, A function of testing the response of NATO forces to a sudden threat. Immediate response It would instead include about 5,000 military personnel, and would be less “dynamic” in order to test the ability of the forces participating in the operation to support foreign logistics. The most appropriate training would involve a large number of military personnel Saber Guardian, Which will see the participation of more than 13 thousand men who will carry out air defense and anti-missile fire operations. In parallel, NATO is conducting an exercise Firm defender, To test its response to the emergence of the threat in Europe. At the end of all the exercises, towards the month of June, one will be conducted Command Post Exercise, Or command post tutorial. Great news this year Defender Europe Offers to conduct training events in Africa as well: Between May and June, Morocco welcomes American soldiers (approximately 5,000) to engage in firefighting training activities as part of the training. The Lion of Africa.

The V-Corps is the core of the U.S. Air Force, which participates in exercises in Europe. The unit was disbanded in 2013 and reactivated by the US military only in 2020, according to instructions. National Security Strategy The acceleration of the strategic rivalry with the so-called enemies of 2018, given the need for more focus on regular military confrontation Bear, That is, Russia and China should prioritize extraordinary confrontation with paramilitary terrorist organizations such as the outdated Islamic State as a secondary threat to the United States. This unit is not used in Europe, but in the United States, in Kentucky, but still has an operational command in Europe, especially in Poland, with about 200 U.S. soldiers, who can get the commander of U.S. forces stationed in Europe.

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Western anti-Russian efforts

The reactivation of the V-Corps is only the epitome of a series of efforts by the United States in view of the renewed variant of Russian action following the events in Crimea in 2014. Russia continued to be annexed by US President Barack Obama in the Ukrainian territory in the same year European prevention effort (EDI), the United States has undertaken to invest significant economic resources to increase its presence in Europe (today there are approximately 66,000 men in Europe in the United States, most of whom are in Italy and Germany). Exercise events involve the deployment of a large number of American equipment on the continent and the modernization of vital infrastructure for the movement and transport of troops to Eastern Europe. In parallel with EDI, the United States has embarked on a series of less transparent but equally effective initiatives Freedom of infiltration activities In the Black Sea, the transfer of American weapons and equipment to Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, and the use of anti-missile defense batteries in Romania.

NATO has aligned itself with the United States since its inception Preparedness Action Plan (RAP), with the aim of increasing the coalition’s defensive capability and military posture towards Russia. In a nutshell, NATO has deployed eight smaller alliance commands, in addition to reviving the Coalition’s rapid reaction force and combining it with a more rapid reaction force. Force Coordination Units, Established two international commandments in some Central and Eastern European countries – a military corps command in Poland and a territorial command in Romania – and suspended NATO in the Baltic Improved forward balance, Made up of four task forces of coalition forces operating in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Moreover, in 2019, ULM launched the NATO Joint Support and Movement Command, a joint organization created with the aim of accelerating, coordinating and protecting the movement of allied forces on the continent.

In this sense, the EU moved too late and in any case after Brexit, the event opened the door to full social initiatives in the field of defense. Although not explicitly operated with Russia, Pesco’s plans include this Military movement, Led by the Netherlands and all countries participating in the social initiative, aimed at accelerating the movement and movement of troops in Europe, especially in the west-east direction. The initiative was initially expected to benefit from a large sum, but following the epidemic crisis, the European Commission decided to significantly reduce funding for the project, which rose from 5 5 billion to 1.5 1.5 billion. The United States, which has every interest in moving its troops very easily across the plains of Central Europe, recently Applied to participate in the program.

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As the United States and NATO make progress in implementing these efforts, Moscow has expanded its footprint, not only to the military, but to other regions. Renewed Russian operations have expanded not only to Europe, but also to Africa, and especially to the north, as General Habbat is in Libya, making Russia a very valid and powerful ally today, creating a new naval base in the East and Sudan, which will allow him to influence the Red Sea. Russian action is surrounded by the actions of another actor, who is, in fact, in principle, a type of ally, a full member of NATO: Turkey.

In Eastern Europe, especially in the Balkans, Ankara has tried to do so in Africa, especially in Libya, despite the support of the Russians on the opposite shore. With its operations in the eastern Mediterranean, Ankara is at odds with two NATO allies, France and Greece, which has drawn strong criticism from all allies. Especially after the failed coup in July 2016, Turkey has gradually become closer to Russia, sharing with it its hatred of a Western organization. The Turks and Russians share important economic interests, and Moscow is not only one of Ankara’s first trading partners, but also one of the key guarantees of Anatolian energy security at present. So Turkey was able to purchase a modern S-400 missile system from Russia, albeit temporarily, especially in the defense sector. The US response to the Turkish-Russian alliance did not last long: first it withdrew Ankara from the F-35 program and then imposed sanctions against Turkey, which the EU later joined in the effort.

A message to three orators

Washington wants to send a message to three speakers in Washington, D.C.

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The United States wants to show European allies that it is more committed to guaranteeing the continent’s European security and security, rather than how the Atlantic Alliance is “brain dead”, as stated by the President of the French Republic, but has refined its ability to do so in the short term – thanks to new orders and new funding. Plenty of men and methods on the continent. After four turbulent years under President Trump, the change in the posture of the US military apparatus, which is now concentrated mainly in the Indo-Pacific arena, has become increasingly apparent, with Washington using a large number of manpower and resources. They are still determined to use all the resources at their disposal to protect Europe (which has been underlined in recent times Interim National Security Strategic Guidance). On the other hand, the name of the exercise speaks for itself. After Trump’s presidency, Joe Biden wants to restore ties with European allies, restore confidence in military capabilities and the United States’ commitment to guarantee Europe’s security. In addition, the purpose of the exercise is to assess the effectiveness of Allied troops. Defender Europe This could serve as an incentive for Europeans to return to invest more in the military movement, and now the United States is also part of the plan.

Against Russia, Washington wants to develop its muscles, using a number of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense assets in the most painful part of Moscow, namely in its backyard Eastern Europe, ahead of Kaliningrad and Sevastopol. The display of power is beyond the European continent. The Americans make it clear to the Russians that they will not tolerate their presence on the southern shores of the Mediterranean, with the African lion.

As for Turkey, the news sounds like a warning: by their actions, the Turks have long provoked NATO. With the big exercise in North Africa, Washington is signaling to the Turks that their influence in Libya, where they already play a key role, cannot be extended to its smaller neighbor Tunisia. It is hard to imagine that Ankara, already exhausted by the Libyan-Syrian conflict and under sanctions from Washington and Brussels, is brave enough to push the superpower back by pulling its feet out of Libya.