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The United States, ISIS-Mozambique and ISIS-Congo have been listed as “global terrorists”.

Enrollment in the US allows listing of interests and assets of individuals and organizations that are considered a threat to national and global security.

Africa Express Special
Sandro Pintus
Florence, March 13, 2021

US State Department Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have added jihadists to their list of foreign terrorist organizations (FDOs).

Terrorist groups have been linked to ISIS in the Democratic Republic of Congo (ISIS-DRC) and ISIS-Mozambique are considered specially designated global terrorists (STGDs), “particularly dangerous global terrorists”. Their respective leaders, Seka Musa Paluku and Abu Yasir Hassan, are considered such. So far, not much is known about Abu Yasir Hassan.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in April 2019 (ISIS) Announces the Birth of the Islamic State of Central Africa (ISCAP). The aim is to improve ISIS-related components in the Middle East, South and South Africa.

Sega Musa Paluku, Tel’ISIS-DRC

What is a “blacklist”

Adding these groups to the “blacklist” The United States is giving a blow to jihadi terrorism. This, in fact, allows to curb the interests and characteristics of subjects and organizations that are considered dangerous to national and global security. U.S. citizens are generally prohibited from engaging in any transactions with these individuals.

“Financial institutions can also be affected These companies or individuals are foreigners who assist them by allowing payment orders in their US account. It is an offense to knowingly provide material support or resources to ISIS-RTC or ISIS-Mozambique, and to attempt or conspire to do so, ”the department argues.

Who are the ISIS-DRC jihadists

ISIS-DRC, also known as Allied Democratic Forces (Allied Democratic Forces-ADF) – as democratic as it is – it is a disgrace to violence and atrocities. The jihadist Kadrod group has been responsible for several attacks in the eastern Congolese provinces of North Kivu and Iduri.

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Seka Musa is the leader of the group with the jihadi groupThe reason is that at least 850 civilians will be killed in 2020. UN According to the report, the ADF has already been approved by the US Treasury Department and the United Nations for atrocities. At the beginning of 2020 it was under the sanctions of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

ISIS-Mozambican jihadists armed with Islamic State flag in front of Quizanga police detention
Jihadists armed with Islamic State flag as a barrage of Quizanga police, Kabo Delkado, Mozambique

Mozambique Cutrods

ISIS-Mozambique led by Abu Yasir Hassan, Is called al-Shebaab by the people, but it is also known as al-Sunnah wa-Jammi or Ansar al-Sunnah. Since 2017, 1,200 civilians have been killed, including 2,300 more, including Mozambican soldiers, civilians and various militants, according to US State Department data. Pledge of Allegiance to the Islamic State – According to the US Department of State – From April 2018, the link is in August 2019.

Al Sunnah wa-Jammi, a cabo delco, Responsible for the attack and destruction of dozens of unprotected villages, killings and beheadings and the abduction of women and children. So far it has caused 670,000 internal refugees. The group began, in October 2017, to spread terrorism with a cloth by quickly switching to guns. Attacks have been confirmed, as well as pointed weapons, Kalashnikovs, rocket launchers and even Basukas. It refers to grants that have helped expand the military standard of attacks.

Top news video posted on Twitter shows Mozimbo da Priya as a ghost town, empty and destroyed

In August 2020
Attacked from sea and land The city of Mozambique da Priya is one of the ports in northern Mozambique. There are natural gas fields about eighty kilometers north of the city, where ENI, ExxonMobil and Total operate. With the help of the Dick Advisory Group (DAG) mercenaries, Mozambique was besieged for some time by a blockade of the Mozambique Armed Forces (FATM).

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The siege continues in areas of the gas fields

The jihadists have reached the gates of the whole He fired his staff. They have besieged Palma, the headquarters of the oil multinationals, where the supply of food to the people is coming with difficulty. At the time of writing – according to Jitamar News – “Eight insurgents have been killed in Nangade, by local militants helping FADM”.

Sandro Pintus
[email protected]
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