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The United States lifts the Trump administration’s sanctions on a lawyer at the International Criminal Court

The United States has lifted sanctions and travel bans imposed by the Donald Trump administration on a lawyer at the International Criminal Court, and called for a cooperation report.

Last year, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo He imposed sanctions and denied entry visas to outgoing Attorney General Fadu Benzouda.After the launch of an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by US military personnel in Afghanistan.

The hack tribunal ruled in favor of the U.S. Increased angerIsrael has opened an investigation into alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories, An ally of the United States that rejects the power of the court.

Heir of Bombay, Anthony BlinkHe said the United States had not yet “strongly agreed” on these measures.

“However, we hope that our concerns about these issues will be better addressed by engaging with all stakeholders in the ICC process rather than imposing sanctions,” Blinken said in a statement.

He said sanctions have been lifted for Benzouda and his team and visas have been banned.

“I believe this decision marks the beginning of a new phase of our common commitment to combat punishment for war crimes,” Sylvia Fernandez de Gormande, president of the State Parties Association, told the Criminal Court in a statement.

The plaintiff, who was born in Campion, will leave his job in June British human rights lawyer Kareem Khan replacedWho can now open his business without the burden of impending penalties.

The United States did not join the International Criminal Court, which began proceedings in 2002, arguing that the court could be used in politically motivated trials after a sufficient number of states agreed to an agreement to establish it. U.S. forces and officers.

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But the lifting of sanctions is the latest indication that the Biden administration intends to return to multilateralism. The Trump administration has unequivocally removed the United States from a number of international organizations and conferences, and has strongly criticized others, including the International Criminal Court, for acting against the interests of the United States.

Since Biden’s inauguration, his administration has rejoined the World Health Organization, held talks with the UN Human Rights Council, returned to the Paris climate deal, and began talks on Friday to return to the Iran nuclear deal. Trump retired at five.

Rights groups praised Biden on Friday for lifting sanctions by Trump, but called on Biden to go further, backing the work of the court and making the United States a member state.

Benzouda and the head of the court’s judiciary, Wasiso Mushoshou, were given two sets of sanctions, first imposed in March 2019 for a travel ban to Benzouda, and then 18 months later, he and Muchushok could have any possessions in the United States. Judicial Officers. The second round is that her husband’s “material support” is a punishable offense.