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The United States looks after the Russian navy

The hunt continues. Tirelessly. Every day American aircraft They set out in search of something in the sea from Cyprus to Syria. They are anti-submarine or marine patrol aircraft. P-8As that depart from U.S. bases, usually stationed in the Mediterranean, especially in Ciconella, all head for the Levant or the Black Sea. A spasmodic search with long zigzags identified by satellites. Miles and miles back and forth, long distances ahead Sevastopol Oh Latakia, And get back on track.

The hunt has been going on for several weeks. Ann Insightover We talked about the “yellow” of the Russian submarine that disappeared from NATO radars and is constantly searched by the Atlantic Alliance. In that case, there was talk of a kilo escaping the surveillance of the western block and being able to move freely Mediterranean. Then something else happened: Russian submarines came out of the Sevastopol base en masse. It has not happened recently that all six submarines were at sea at the same time. Someone thought it was Joe Biden’s words that branded him a “killer.” Vladimir Putin. But there was also the consensus of Russian Naval Day dedicated to submarines, perhaps because Moscow intended to send an enigmatic code signal against the Atlantic, “celebrating” the anniversary. If nothing else, those submarines have moved and, according to many observers, have even reached the Syrian coast. This explains why American planes are “plowing” the field in search of something.

Of course America is starting to worry, not a little. Washington knows the Russians and knows how important Syria and the Levant are to Moscow’s plans. For this reason they did not underestimate the problem of submarines reaching the Tartus base: it could not be a message sent to the United States or a simple game to show NATO that the enemy could not be identified. There is one more intruder: something that warns Washington so much that it continues to fly its positons for hours. Some Russian observers believe the Kremlin may have decided to launch a fierce counter-insurgency offensive Idlip. An option that goes hand in hand with some issues between Russia Turkey Regarding the expansion zone that began several years ago in the last reduced jihadists in northwestern Syria. The proximity of the Turkish border to Syria and Russian bases makes the region very important. Turkey has made it clear that it has no plans to give up part of the territory attacked by government forces, while pressing for the withdrawal of Syrian troops: the news came The video was posted on Twitter By the same Turkish army that saw the flames after the attack on Damascus. The move may seem trivial, but in fact Ankara felt the need to post a video of the Syrian military offensive against the rebels on its social media.

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Is it possible to read at this key the arrival of Russian submarines or other units from Moscow? Possibility. This will confirm the continued hunting of American aircraft in the Levant, which may be concerned by the possibility of a more important attack on Moscow rebel strongholds. Syria. But it could also be a move to make Washington understand that Russian units can go anywhere they want. At a time of deep tension, especially between Russia and the United States, the United States believes that the Russian issue is fundamental but “second best.” The US deep government must be placed at the foot of a regional power, as many say.

Russian forces are moving along the border with Ukrainian Kiev troops and NATO allies. The Black Sea saw all Russian submarines depart within hours. Another submarine appeared in the Mediterranean passing through Gibraltar, with some more units moving deeper out of Syria. Dessert below, A trio Nuclear submarines Appeared in another scene of strength with yet another precise definition of the Arctic Circle. The set of moves that indicate that the Kremlin has the will to bring the opponent to “instability”, it is impossible to understand where, where he will attack and in what way. Of course the use of submarines is very important: invisible and ubiquitous, underwater vehicles can be weapons and instruments of “naval trigger” towards enemies. Washington warns and pays close attention to Russian moves He scans them from the sky with his eyes. After all, at the (more) ends of the New Cold War, look at what happens at sea between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

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