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The United States ranks first in the world for the number of vaccines administered

AGI – “Yesterday they were managed 150 million vaccines“So Joe Biden has been on the US immunization record since taking office at the White House, signaling that he is ready to reach the goal. 200 million vaccines in his first 100 days as president, Or by the end of the month.

So Biden suggested how More than 80% are teachers and school staff Have received at least one dose of the vaccine. He urged seniors to vaccinate all American adults “now” before April 19 Considered appropriate: There will be no additional restrictions or categories that will take precedence. The President was also keen to emphasize how the population is Reluctance to immunize is declining.

“Infection is dangerous”. The president’s warning itself warns: “We have Some more work“Before we consider winning the fight against Govt-19.” We’re halfway there, ”I respect For the goal of vaccinating across the United States, “It’s still a life and death match against the virus.” Vaccines are “safe and effective”, with the registration number being administered by the United States, but “This is not the time to celebrate yet“As the risk of infection spreads, hospital admissions are no longer declining and infections are on the rise.

Joe Biden, who visited the vaccination center in Alexandria, Virginia, explains that he hopes the United States will be “very soon.” Number of vaccines It could be against Govt-19 Share products with other parts of the world, “A global solution is needed to defeat the epidemic,” he said.

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