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The United States, Russia, and China are the winners of the vaccine race. Molinari speaks

Republican director Marricio Molinari says Russia and China are using competition to weaken and divide the West, as Joe Biden’s United States wins the global vaccine race. Sputnik V? The Russian government has not explained why EMA is blocking studies. The European pharmaceutical industry had a unique opportunity with the Giorgetti-Breton project

New game, same project. Behind the “Cold War” vaccine is a strategy by Russia and China to stabilize the United States and Western democracies. In the medium term, as the diplomatic success of the Spotnik V vaccine demonstrates, this may seem like a successful strategy. But he says the number will change once the health emergency is over Marricio Molinari, Director Republic, In bookstores with “Atlas of the Changing World” (Rizoli).

Director, why the question of safety for the race for the Covit-19 vaccine?

The epidemic and the current vaccination campaign have confirmed that Russia and China are competing against the United States and the West. Since 2016, these two states have been trying to change the international balance in their favor, trying to separate the United States from Europe, fostering instability in both. Health emergencies have accelerated this process.

Who is ahead in the competition?

Apparently the benefit is from China. Because first it got out of the epidemic and restarted its economy. The Chinese government has vaccines that can protect a significant portion of the population, even if they are not approved by US and European authorities.

Is Russia chasing?

This is the advantage of the first vaccine, Spatnik V, which, unlike the Chinese vaccine, has begun to be exported, mostly to the domestic market, and secondly to Africa and Asia. Russia has vaccinated only a small percentage of its population, but it devotes significant resources to developing an external production system and exporting as much sputnik as possible from South America to Europe.

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Who will win in the long run?

United Nations. They are a country that is growing strongly from the epidemic crisis. Because the vaccine was developed in ten months, with one record, two initial stages. An American, modern and a German, Bioendech, which was able to develop a drug thanks to American production.

What is the reason for American success?

Vaccine production is based on biotechnology, not traditional methods like Chinese and Russian stuff. Since the United States began producing vaccines on an industrial scale, thanks to the large American companies that made their plants available, they have begun to gain comparable speed of vaccines in other parts of the world.

How far from the finish line?

At the current rate, as President Joe Biden has announced, it is realistic to think that vaccinations in the United States will end by the end of May. From that moment on the US economy could be restarted, but the vaccine production system would be imposed on foreigners. The United States is preparing for the actual vaccination martial program.

On the other hand, the EU is struggling. What does the American experience teach?

The American system has made a difference. Trump has produced two billion dollars worth of vaccines for research. Biden’s choice to hand over supplies to the Pentagon has exaggerated the military in the industrial machinery, which has reached the rate of incomparable vaccines in the world. Churches, mosques, synagogues, shopping centers and barracks are now open to allow everyone to be vaccinated.

Return to Sputnik V. Are there any complex issues?

Those who tested Sputnik V in the West argue that it is a stronger vaccine that protects the human body than other vaccines currently approved in Europe. There is a problem.

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Ema, a European pharmaceutical company, will not recognize Sputnik V until the Russians open their manufacturing facilities to European companies. Why does Russia continue to oppose these studies? Here we enter the field of speculation, which does not belong to us. Personally, I do not think there is anti-Russian sentiment in Brussels. I believe that the Commission is in great difficulty and that Moscow should approve the vaccine only if it is able to obtain the necessary information.

There is a cross-cutting pressure to produce the Russian vaccine in Italy. Italian-Swiss company Adien has announced that it will start production next July. Meanwhile, Matteo asks Salvini to speed up his league times.

These compulsions cannot take place in the EU without the official approval of the EMA. Moreover, they are not centered on the heart of the matter. Russia does not intend to distribute the vaccine in Europe, but to manufacture it in Europe for export to other countries that do not require EMA accreditation, such as Africa or Latin America.

Is Sputnik passing in Europe?

The ultimate destination is not the continent. The manufacturing plants needed to develop the vaccine are so sophisticated that it requires a proliferation of capabilities and structures that Russia does not have today. Signing agreements with European factories allows the Russian government to export overseas.

Why should Europe care?

Because it faces two problems. First: Sputnik V will become a drug made in Europe, however, it will not be legal. Second: The EU Commission has some difficulties in preparing approved vaccines that can be distributed to the European population for industrial infrastructure. If part of the pharmaceutical infrastructure is determined to produce the Russian vaccine and send it to Africa, a strategic problem may arise.

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An issue that may concern Italy closely. If necessary, can the government use its golden power to protect production facilities?

For one simple reason, I hope we will not even get into the theoretical training of the power of gold: under the leadership of Tracy, Italy will respect European rules. He could try to change them for his own benefit: we saw this when the Prime Minister intervened to stop Astrogeneneka’s exports to Australia. But it does not allow the production of unauthorized products. No attempt should be made to accelerate.

Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgio is working with EU Commissioner Thierry Breton on an industrial alternative project that will allow the production of approved vaccines in Italy in the medium term.

I think this effort is going in the right direction and intercepting the real challenge of the epidemic. There must be production facilities in Europe to have 300 million people vaccinated, at least twice a year, and reasonably for the next ten years. Not only that: if there are new viruses and infections, the infrastructure to produce vaccines quickly will be needed. The alternative program will give Italy the opportunity to invest in the pharmaceutical sector, which is an integral part of our industry history.

What role can Europe play in this situation?

He has a better chance. How did companies with a strong presence in Europe fail to develop the vaccine? This is possible because the European pharmaceutical industry is below its guidelines. The EU and NATO must jointly raise the need for public infrastructure capable of safeguarding public health.