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The United States, the United Kingdom and Canada should send troops to the Russian border – Ukraine – to present-day Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Resnikov has called on the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada to “explicitly” deploy troops near the Russian border in Ukraine in support of Kiev to prevent a possible military confrontation with Moscow.

Speaking to The Globe and Mail in Toronto on Sunday, Resnikov called “Anglo-Saxon allies” Assisting Ukraine outside NATO organizations, including sending more military trainers to the country.

“Canadian coaches நன்றாக would be better off stationed in Kharkiv, Mariupol, Gramadorsk, Odessa and the Smeny Islands.” The defense minister said. All the sites mentioned are located in eastern and southern Ukraine, near the border with Russia.

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“Comrades from the UK, with comrades from the United States, two, without NATO. Three flags – the flag of Canada, the flag of the United States and the flag of the United Kingdom – should fly around these areas. This would be a good sign for the Russians – you are here. He told the press.

According to Resnikov, Kiev focused on asking for Anglosphere’s help and did not expect military assistance from Germany and France because the two countries want to maintain their economic ties with Russia.

Resnikov’s request comes amid growing concerns over a possible military build-up on Russia’s border with Ukraine. Since the beginning of November, some Western media outlets have been claiming that Moscow is planning to invade its neighbor. While the Kremlin has repeatedly denied the allegations, Kiev called on the US-led NATO camp to provide military support in response, saying Russia was simply moving troops into its territory.

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However, according to some experts, Resniko’s plan will make things worse. Political analyst Vladimir Frolov criticized the idea on Twitter.

“It makes things worse, not better, except that it’s militarily ineffective,” he said. he said.

Recently, Washington and its NATO allies have stepped up military operations in the region, including the Black Sea. This was a concern of Moscow, which had repeatedly opposed a foreign military presence in the region. Last week, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the federation was encouraging. “Unplanned rehearsals … in the immediate vicinity [Russian] Border. “