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The United States will respond when it selects a military to launch a missile attack on Iraq

After that, the United States will do what is necessary to protect its interests Missile attack this week On Sunday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke out against US and coalition forces and the Ain al-Sada air base in Iraq, the homeland of Iraq.

Speaking to the ABC this week, Austin said the United States was urging Iraq to quickly investigate the Al Qaeda incident in the western province of Anbar and determine who was responsible. U.S. officials say the incident fits the image of a strike by Iranian-backed militants.

“We will strike if we think we have to do it at the right time and place. We are asking for our right to defend our forces.”

Asked if Iran had received the message that US retaliation would not increase, Austin said Iran was fully capable of assessing the attack and US actions.

“What they need to get out of this is that we will again defend our forces and our response will be well thought out. We hope they will choose to do the right thing,” Austin said.

There were no reports of casualties among U.S. forces after the attack, but a U.S. civilian contractor died of a “heart attack” while taking refuge from missiles. The Pentagon said.

Iraqi officials landed 10 rockets at the base, but the Pentagon was on high alert, claiming there were 10 “impacts”. He added that the missiles, which were targeted by a ballistic missile attack directly from Iran last year, were launched from several bases east of the base.

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In February, U.S. forces He carried out airstrikes Iranian-backed militants, including Hezbollah and Syed al-Shuhada, have been used against installations at a border control point in Syria.