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The University of Dubai receives a delegation from the Ministry of Justice in the United Kingdom

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The University of Dubai received a delegation from the United Kingdom Ministry of Justice, headed by Lord David Wolfson, Minister of Justice in the United Kingdom.

The delegation visited the university campus, the green and permanent building and the university colleges, accompanied by Dr. Isa Al Bastaki, President of the University and Dr. Nasser Al-Markaf, Vice-Chairman. Dr. Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Administrative Affairs. Dr. Vashika Sahim, Director of Graduate Study Programs, in addition to Muhammad Rababa and many other students, educational and administrative organizations.

Dr. Al-Bastaki stressed the importance of the visit in promoting the concept of social justice and protecting the legal and constitutional rights of university students and faculty members.

Dr. Al-Bastaki said: “We have always aimed to educate our law students about the vital and vital role of the Ministry of Justice in overseeing public and private oversight and regulation of the administrative and financial affairs of the Central Government Courts.” He added, “In a highly global competitive country like the United Arab Emirates, understanding the international approach to judicial concerns and practices has become important for students and academic staff.”

Important round

Dr. Rababa, Dean of the College of Law, expressed his gratitude to Lord Wolfson and the delegation for their visit to the University, pointing out that the main role of the College of Law lies in imparting qualified knowledge and skills to the students. They seek educational and professional skills for work and training in the fields of law and justice in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom.

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In his speech, Lord Wolfson described his early life as a barrister, before he became an international arbitrator and now a minister in the UK government.

He spoke about the legal services of the business community in Dubai and the key role of legal services in facilitating business and international trade and investment.

Lord Wolfson explained to the audience how English law supports international legal work and innovation, highlighting the benefits of dual qualification (i.e. qualification from two jurisdictions, such as the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom) in supporting a prosperous international legal profession.

He focused on joint relations between the Governments of the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates in terms of legal services and practices.

He ended his speech with an interactive conversation session with university students.

In appreciation of their significant visit to the University of Dubai, Dr. Al Bastaki handed over the shield to the delegation represented by the University Shield Lord Wolfson.