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The upcoming Intel Core i5-1350P processor benchmark shows a 6% increase over the previous processor

Core i5-1350P – Intel’s new 12-core processor for lightweight laptops

A new Intel Core P-series SKU with lower TDP has been submitted to Geekbench processor test.

Intel’s new Core i5-1350P processor has just been tested with Geekbench providing the first performance numbers on this new 12-core CPU for low-power laptops. This leak appears exactly a month later Core i7-1370P It is included in the same standard.

This processor offers 12 cores and 16 threads, which means 4 performance cores combined with 8 efficient cores. The same configuration was used for the current generation i5-1250P processor. What has changed are the clocks, the base clock is now 1.9GHz (+200MHz) while the turbo clock is up to 4.7GHz (+300MHz).

The processor appeared alongside the Acer TravelMate P614-53, which is a lightweight business laptop. Intel’s P series is commonly used in such systems that can only rely on integrated graphics.

Intel Core i5-1350P Specifications, Source: Geekbench

Since the 12th Gen Core P-Series isn’t included in the official Geekbench rankings, finding a benchmark for comparison can be problematic. But, Diary They have decent data based on their own tests which show that the Core i5-1350P is 6% faster in the single-core test and 2% faster in the multi-core test than its predecessor (Core i5-1250P).

Intel Core i5-1350P Performance, Source: Geekbench

Companies like Acer will be announcing thin and lightweight laptops very soon. Intel is gearing up to launch its 13th generation P-series as early as next week at CES 2023. So far, we have confirmation of two 13th generation P-Series SKUs, both of which are listed in the table below. below:

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Intel Core 28W P-series mobile processors
video card nucleus / son ↓ performance cores effective cores P-Core Base P-Core boost TDP (max)
Core i7-1370P
Core i5-1350P
Core i7-1280P
Core i7-1270P
Core i7-1260P
Core i5-1250P
Core i5-1240P
Core i3-1220P

Source: geekbench Through Diary