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The upcoming M2 will be the last BMW M car without electricity

The upcoming M2 will be the last BMW M car without electricity

In an interview with Bimmer Today, he said the upcoming BMW M2 will be the last M-Division model complete with a pure combustion engine. It will not even have a 48-volt hybrid mild system, common on other models of the brand.

“The M2 with a six-cylinder, rear-wheel drive will definitely be a pure driving machine. For other cars, we’ll see an increased degree of electrification, of course in various forms from 48-volt light-hybrids through plug-in hybrids to purely electric motors,” the magazine quotes him.

Of course, it is impossible to guess from this statement whether the next generation M3, M4 or M5 will get anything more than the aforementioned mild hybrid, if, for example, it will be a direct hybrid, as is the case with Mercedes-AMG, which It excludes the possibility of a manual transmission.

However, going back to M2, it is worth noting the appearance of an alleged photo of his back on Instagram. I shared a question mark with the wilcoblok profile, which does similar things; Select another profile as the source, bmw_m_collector, but the image was not found.

The photo would show the clear 2nd row of the taillights. We also see a couple of exhausts going into the center of the car, which has always been the license plate of M-Section cars.

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