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The upcoming Toyota Prius can burn hydrogen

The upcoming Toyota Prius can burn hydrogen

Several years ago, the Toyota Prius helped expand the entire hybrid drivetrain. However, the current fourth generation was introduced in 2015. However, Toyota should rush with the new model soon, allegedly as early as 2022.

Apart from this report, Japanese sites also came up with other, more interesting information. According to them, the new Prius will receive not only a 1.8-liter hybrid engine, but also a plug-in hybrid, and even a hydrogen internal combustion engine.

As mentioned earlier, Toyota uses hydrogen not only to generate electricity in the fuel cells of the Mirai model, but also experimentally as fuel for an internal combustion engine. As a first model, the Corolla was introduced to racing with such an aggregate in April of this year.

But back to the Prius. It was allegedly chosen by Toyota as the next carrier for its revolutionary hydrogen combustion engine. However, this does not mean that it will arrive with this unit in the new version mentioned earlier.

It will take some time for Toyota to test all the possibilities, so there is talk of launching it sometime around 2025. At that time, better refueling infrastructure for such cars must also be built in part.

Take a look at the current offer of new and used cars Toyota on

Take a look at the current offer of new and used cars Toyota Prius on

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