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Aktualizace na Windows 11 nebude dostupná pro zařízení se staršími procesory

The update to Windows 11 will not be available for devices with older processors

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Windows 11 offers interesting possibilities. Among them is support for Android apps, while content from the Amazon store will be available. You will be able to run your favorite apps on a computer, laptop or tablet running Windows 11. You can even install installation files outside the Store. Unfortunately, there are some hardware requirements that Microsoft is now working on improving.

Test your device to see if it supports Windows 11

Only the latest processors

Microsoft has determined that the Windows 11 update will not be available on computers with older processors. Specifically, you’ll need at least 8th generation Intel processors, although some 7th generation models are supported. For AMD, the list of supported processors begins with the second generation of Zen processors. Microsoft has released a list of compatible AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm processors where you can check for updates:

If you don’t find your processor in the list, you probably won’t get an update to Windows 11, but that doesn’t mean the new system won’t be installed. Microsoft will not restrict direct installation via ISO. So if you decide to install on older devices, then everything should pass without major complications.

1920 Panel03 New rendering video 1920x1080x

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However, Microsoft states that computers with an unsupported processor are not eligible for Windows 11 updates. This means that you can finish the basic version and not receive driver updates, new features, and security patches. Thus it appears that Microsoft is defending itself against any possible legal action. It’s entirely possible that there will be some change, but we don’t expect a full Windows 11 release for any device.

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