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The US Army is facing a big problem, and the solution is there

The US Army is facing a big problem, and the solution is there

It is estimated that many US Army There are 1.3 million active military personnel, and about 800,000 reserve forces, according to the governing website.

The Military website, which specializes in military affairs, says that the levels of maintaining the current military have exceeded the goals set since 2017, by 100%, including the current year 2022.

The site based its analysis on internal data in the army United State See it.

These numbers mean that a large number of military personnel remain in the army beyond the period stipulated in the contracts.

Survival factors in the army

The senior career adviser to the US Army, Lieutenant Toby Whitney, says that there are several factors behind the US military’s stay in the army.

He added that when young Americans decide to join the army, the majority prefer to stay in it.

Yet US military planners seek to keep the tens of thousands and discourage them from leaving, even when their contracts expire each year.

This number ranges annually between 50-60 thousand.

In the current year 2022, the US Army was able to persuade 58,000 soldiers to extend their service periods in the army, and this number achieved 104% of the military retention goals.

In order to retain the soldiers, the US military provides a package of incentives to the soldiers, the most prominent of which is the reward for continuing in the army.

The main reason soldiers stay in the army is the pension they receive, provided they serve for at least 20 years.

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And after two decades of wars that followed, 9/11 attacksThe deployment of US forces around the world has become less, but it is certainly not over.

Currently, US forces are regularly deployed in Europe, Africa and the Pacific.

failure vs success

In exchange for success in retaining soldiers, the US Army faces a major problem in the process of attracting new soldiers.

The website specialized in military affairs said that the process of recruiting recruits in the US army this year will be 15,000 less than the required number.


This is due to a combination of reasons, such as the prevalence of excess weight among young Americans to the extent that they do not allow them to pass the army’s initial exams.

The site concludes that retaining relatively old soldiers with a low percentage of young people joining may create a problem for the army, which is a “leadership army”, where there are a large number of military personnel to fill the leadership positions with a smaller number of soldiers.