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The Volkswagen Group holds meetings for more than 100,000 cars due to the risk of fire.  Isn't your Skoda among them?

The Volkswagen Group holds meetings for more than 100,000 cars due to the risk of fire. Isn’t your Skoda among them?

The inconvenience is addressed in the form of an extended contract event by the VW Group and many of its brands. A minor flaw can cause major problems.

Inform the site about the Volkswagen Group contract event Svolávač Referring to the German Federal Office for Motor Transport (KBA). Inadequate installation of the engine cover can result in contact with hot parts and resultant fire. The first warning of the problem came a few days ago and the KBA has recorded at least 16 cases of damage.

The complex event covers more than 111,000 cars from many brands of the VW Group. Owners of the VW Golf, Passat, Tiguan, T-Roc and Arteon models will gradually be discussed, Audi’s Q3 and TT models, Formentor and Leon models on the list, and the Tarraco Seat itself. The list also includes three Skoda models – Karoq, Kodiaq and Superb.

A spokesperson for the Czech representation of the automaker Mladá Boleslav Pavel Jína confirmed that cars with the 2.0 TSI evo engine manufactured from August 2020 to the present will only go into service. “The service technician will remove the hood during the process. Due to current production capacity limitations, the casing cannot be replaced with a new one. Once the hood has been stocked by an authorized partner, they contact the customer and invite them to retrofit.” Gina confirmed. In the Czech Republic, the event concerns 2028 cars and bears the designations 10H6 (Škoda), 10H5 (VW), 10H7 (Seat / Cobra) and 10H8 (Audi).


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