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The vpn extension works if you open a blocked site automatically – Trade News – Atlas Sport Network

vpn extension is a plugin that allows you to open blocked websites through your browser without having to install software on your device or laptop. Browser plug-ins are distinguished by the fact that they work only if you open the browser, which saves you less processor consumption.

You often browse some sites for educational purposes or to help you complete a task, and you are surprised that the site is blocked in your country for various reasons, which makes it difficult for you to search again for another site that offers this content, for the sake of an example, average.

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Add Browsec VPN

The Browsec VPN add-on allows you to open mostly blocked websites just by activating them and it will work like all the other add-ons available in the browser’s web store, but the Browsec VPN extension stands apart from the rest of the add-ons by being able to set certain websites to work on them automatically.

Often you may need to open blocked sites to turn the VPN on or off every time you want to visit a particular site, so the extension gives you the ability to open sites automatically by configuring them.

How to install the Browsec VPN plug-in

To install the extension, just go to your browser’s web store and search for Browsec VPN, you will find the extension and then install it, or use the following links directly to go to the extension link:

vpn extension works if you open blocked site automatically 2

Click on the browser you want to install from, then click the Add or Install button. If you choose Google Chrome, you will find the Add to Chrome button.

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How to open blocked websites automatically

The extension offers many features but the most important one is the ability to turn it on once you open a particular site to save time and effort to turn off and turn on the VPN as there are some sites that require a permanent connection for your device to maintain your IP so this feature is great for solving this problem.

vpn extension works if you open blocked site automatically 3

1- Open the extension by clicking on its icon

2- Click on Smart Settings

3- Click Add Site Smart Settings

vpn extension works if you open blocked site automatically 4

4- From the list of use, choose the country in which the site will be opened


A lightweight and easy-to-use plug-in to automatically open blocked websites without the hassle of turning them on or off.