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The Vrbětice case has started a wave of misinformation, dominated by Russian thinking that the US is to blame for everything - 24T24 - Czech TV

The Vrbětice case has started a wave of misinformation, dominated by Russian thinking that the US is to blame for everything – 24T24 – Czech TV

Two hours was enough for the Czech informants to leave the strong topic of recent months and start a new topic. Vrbětice’s case covered up Czech misinformation, and current Govt deniers and those opposed to vaccines and veils began to find and spread alternative explanations for what had happened in Vrbětice. Prime Minister Andrei Babish (yes) announced last Saturday that the Russian secret service GRU was responsible for the explosion.

“Usually, Sunday is a weak day in terms of the number of articles compared to the long-term average. What we are seeing is a fourfold increase in the number of misinformation on Sunday. .

The focus of the texts on experts in this scenario is not surprising. “The United States, and especially the CIA, sees strong coverage, which spreads from the official Russian communications channels.

Fighting the Islamic State or preparing for war

But there are other “stories”. For example, the Czech people blame the Russians for not justifying everything. Or that it is a struggle against the so-called Islamic State. “The third description says it may have been a GRU faction, but it was aimed at selling weapons to the Islamic State, and therefore it was actually defending Czech interests,” Cormoz Cortez, a spokesman for the Czech elves fighting the so-called giants. Internet.

The goal of all misinformation is the same – to create distraction, ambiguity, confusion. There are about twenty pro-Russian malicious servers in the Czech Republic, namely Aeronet, Protiprud or Nov Republic. Next to them is the Czech version of the Russian government agency Sputnik and of course pro-Russian groups and fake accounts that spread fake news on social networks.

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“Often, even groups that specialize in spreading misinformation about the Govt are now trying to adapt to this situation, because in one of the other narratives, actions against the Govt are only a product of the state of the war we are going through,” Cortes outlined in Bohm from the Czech elves.

Memes with Komalek and Wozniacki and Caesar

Russian state media have also denied the version of Czech intelligence. In addition, they make fun of the whole situation. “The Czech people hastily found another story about the terrifying Russian agents. They were too lazy to look for new heroes or villains and blamed the famous Petrov and Poshirov,” Russian television, for example, announced during the week.

In addition, he began creating so-called memes, and popular images spread virally across the Internet. “Russia Today came up with various memes, where you have to cut the evening show Kemelek and Voshomarka, how they cook something in a broth, they say it is Poshirov and another. On the one hand, they say it is a strong attack against Russia, but at the same time they make fun of it. Do, ”confirms Roman Macau, an analyst at the Political and Social Institution. Both agents blamed the death of Julius Caesar.

Serb misinformation and Russian government services helped by Prime Minister Andrzej Bobik’s initial statement that the eruption in Virpadis was not a state terrorism, but an attack on goods. “The fact that he got it back does not mean the damage he did. It was something that was already out there, and it is already living its own life,” says researcher Veronica alk Balkova.

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The Interior Ministry officially warned against misinformation about Vrbětice during the week, and the Office of Cyber ​​Security also drew attention to the danger of hacker attacks. Their goal is to provide information that will help educators to spread other misconceptions.

The Vrbětice case will be analyzed in detail in the media view by Mediaroom ČT24, starting at 22:10 on Sunday.