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The Walking Dead final season trilogy released from August 2021 to 2022

The Walking Dead final season trilogy released from August 2021 to 2022

Several foreign reports revealed the release dates for the three parts of the final season of the zombie drama series walking DeadAfter the release of the first trailer for the eleventh and final season of the most famous horror drama series.

The trailer witnessed a lot of surprising events for the audience, including highlighting fan-favorite characters such as Daryl, Carol, Maggie, Gabriel, Ezekiel, and Negan among many others, and the trailer also revealed a more in-depth look at reapers So is the Commonwealth.

The first part of the final season is scheduled to be released on August 22, and the second and third parts of the final season will be presented in 2022, in 24 episodes, shown on the platform AMC Plus American.

Some foreign reports revealed that the value of the settlement of the case between the channel AMC And the production companies executing the series the walking DeadThe amount of $200 million was paid by the channel to the director who launched the series in 2010, after the case continued for a long time in American courts after the dispute that broke out between them.

According to a report published by Variety, the court decided that the settlement value to be paid by the channel is $200 million, while regulating the process of receiving future dividends from broadcast deals related to the series.

It was set up by Darabont, the writer and director who founded the series in 2010 and became hugely popular for AMC, sued the company in 2013 after he was kicked out of the show, when the lawsuits started, and the channel was subsequently rejected AMC In giving him the profits that the series reaps.

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