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"وول ستريت جورنال": واشنطن تدفع حلفاءها وخصومها لدعم شرق إفريقيا المنكوبة بالجفاف

The Wall Street Journal: Washington Pushes Allies, Foes to Support Drought-Striking East Africa

The American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” is stressing the tireless efforts of the administration of US President Joe Biden and its allies and adversaries to provide more support and funding to feed millions of people who are starving amid a historic drought in the East. Africa..

And the newspaper said – in the context of a report published on its website on Sunday – that the “Covid-19” pandemic has wreaked economic damage on vulnerable countries, pushing up the cost of fuel, food and goods for local populations. On the brink of poverty, to the point where they can no longer afford even the essentials..

In this regard, USAID Administrator Samantha Power called on donor countries to increase contributions to the United Nations and other drought relief agencies during a visit to an emergency food distribution center in drought-stricken northern Kenya..

“I appeal to every country capable of preventing a worst humanitarian disaster, and to the citizens of these countries and their leaders to dig deep to find more resources so they can support the people who have lost everything,” Power said.“.

The American newspaper pointed out that the director of the US Agency for International Development was one of several aid officials trying to divert the world’s attention to East Africa after four consecutive rainy seasons, an unprecedented event in history. of the region.

This year’s drought in East Africa has left 50 million people severely food insecure, the newspaper said, citing figures from the Intergovernmental Panel on Development (IGAD)..

The United States last week announced an injection of $1.2 billion in new aid to East Africa, bringing the U.S. contribution this fiscal year to $1.6 billion, out of total humanitarian spending of $11 billion..

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And the American newspaper recalled that last June, the European Commission announced $612 million in new global aid to address the food crisis, while the United Kingdom pledged an equivalent of $446 million in new funding for global relief, but the director insisted the United States Agency for International Development exceeded its usual bid limit..