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The watch costs $ 12. Queen Elizabeth is a "House Keeper"

The watch costs $ 12. Queen Elizabeth is a “House Keeper”

On Thursday, US media reported that Queen Elizabeth II was looking for a part-time home manager for the 289-room Edinburgh Palace.

A CBS report states that the most important requirements for job applicants are that they must be “up to the standard of his majesty” and do not require prior home maintenance experience, but that job advertising requires a “performance approach” – as well as an option. Minimum wage for hard work.

The pay for a 20-hour weekly job is £ 9.50 or $ 12.96 per hour. This reflects the new minimum wage in the UK, which will now rise from £ 8.91 per hour to £ 9.50 per hour in April.

The royal family is sure to employ hundreds of workers, from farmers to security officers, but the report says the Queen may be surprised to find basic wage earners in the country.

The report points out that although Queen Elizabeth estimated her personal wealth at $ 500 million and the wealth of the “company” she heads is estimated at $ 28 billion, she does.

But according to Forbes, workers in the royal family do not seem to be paid less. For example, an entry-level IT employee earns about $ 40,000 a year, which is significantly lower than the typical salary of a junior IT professional in the United States of $ 51,000.

Part-time housekeeper work earns $ 13,000 a year based on advertised hourly pay. Their job will be to “clean and care for a wide variety of interiors and items, ensuring they are delivered to their liking”. According to job posting tips.

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