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The White House explains the lack of government efforts to evacuate American citizens from Sudan

(CNN) — The White House defended, on Friday, the decision not to direct efforts by the US administration to evacuate American citizens from Sudan, where clashes are taking place between the Sudanese army and the “rapid support” forces.

White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said in a press conference that the US State Department has been warning against going to Sudan “since last year,” adding that “it is not our usual procedure to evacuate American citizens who live abroad.”

And she continued: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is doing its best to provide information to citizens who are abroad and warn them when necessary.”

She stated: “When it comes to Sudan, we presented a Level 4 warning several months ago, and we told the Americans who are there to leave the country if they could, and we also warned against traveling to Sudan, and we were very clear about that.”

The spokeswoman said about the efforts made by the US administration to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan that “it was an exceptional situation, not al-Qaeda, for many reasons, including a large military presence, and the end of a 20-year conflict there.”

“For example, in Libya, Yemen, and Syria, we did not provide large-scale evacuations of American citizens even as those governments collapsed,” she said. “Instead, we were urging Americans to use commercial flights to leave the country while those options were still readily available.” Financial assistance for those who need help.

It is noteworthy that CNN correspondent Jennifer Hansler reported, earlier, that the US embassy in Sudan again urged the Americans to stay in their homes and advised them not to go to the embassy.

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The US embassy said, in a security alert, that it “continues to closely monitor the situation in Khartoum and surrounding areas, where fighting is taking place, and there have been reports of attacks, home invasions and looting.”