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The Winklevoss brothers have returned.  Learn, Zuckerberg

The Winklevoss brothers have returned. Learn, Zuckerberg

The two once surrendered to Mark Zuckerberg in an epic legal battle on Facebook and did not march on Silicon Valley. But now Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are back at the fore as billionaires with fresh formation, providing a fresh perspective on the future of money and the creative economy and what the world’s biggest tech companies look like.

The Winklevus Brothers, illustrations by Yoshi Suduka.

The identical twins, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, lazily enter an empty 17-story office complex in the Flatiron District of Manhattan. They’re wearing branded ankle boots, black jeans and matching blouses from luxury fashion retailer Heron Preston.

It is no coincidence that both jerseys feature the NASA logo – Cameron red, and Tyler white. The brothers chose him because of the drive to explore the universe behind the cryptocurrency exchange, the seven-year-old Gemini. Not only is it a Latin term for the sign of Gemini, but it has also been called NASA’s Second Space Mission. It was followed by the famous Apollo 11 flight, which first carried a man to the moon.

“But seriously, we call our employees astronauts,” says Cameron. “We are all astronauts who push the boundaries of understanding concepts like money, art or money.” “It’s like being on a spaceship exploring the boundaries of space,” adds Tyler, who is accustomed to completing his brother’s ideas.

And that spaceship appears to be getting faster. With Bitcoin’s value recently approaching an all-time high of $ 58,000 (in 2012, when the brothers invested nearly ten million in the cryptocurrency, it cost only $ 8), the Winklevoss brothers’ total fortune rose to $ 6 billion.

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The latest addition to its portfolio, the fast-growing crypto Block Fi firm, has also announced that it has received a $ 350 million investment, shifting the company’s valuation to $ 3 billion.

One of the most successful investment businesses of all time for the 39-year-old Winklevus brothers is online auction server Nifty Gateway, who is just beginning to prepare for the glow of fame from Christie’s recent unique auction. For the first time in its 255-year history, it enabled the sale of so-called NFT aggregate.