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The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is Måneskin Group

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is Måneskin Group

In the finals, Cyprus, Albania, Israel, Belgium, Russia, Malta, Portugal, Serbia, Great Britain, Greece, Switzerland, Iceland, Spain, Moldova, Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine, France, Azerbaijan, Norway, Netherlands and Italy Sweden and San Marino.

Czech actor Ben Cristóvão performed the song Omaga in the semi-finals, which was created in cooperation with producer Filip Vlček, and did not impress the audience. Designer Jiří Kalfa’s costume, in which the Preciosa glasswork was involved and the jacket was only created over the course of 260 hours, did not help either. Hand cultivated with over one hundred thousand crystals that form a varied pattern.

Jan Maxián commented on the semifinals, commenting on the finals with Albert Černý, who sang in the Eurovision Song Contest with Lake Malawi two years ago.

The Eurovison Song Contest has been held since 1956. In 2020, one year has been canceled due to a pandemic. It is also attended by countries that are not entirely European (Turkey and Israel), but which are members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). There were semi-finals, each advanced by ten countries that participated in the Grand Final with the host country and the Big Five (France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom).

Individual countries nominate their artists and during the finals, spectators vote for them over the phone, but they may not vote for their country. The Swedish group ABBA remains the most famous winner at Eurovision, which they won in 1974. The vast majority of the winners will be forgotten after the end of Eurovision.

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