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دائرة الشتاء تزين سماء الفجر أواخر الصيف وترى بالعين المجردة فى مشهد بديع

The winter circle decorates the dawn sky at the end of summer and is seen with the naked eye in a wonderful scene

Summer is drawing to a close in the Northern Hemisphere, and although it’s still hot during the day across much of our northern planet, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer.

revealed Jeddah Astronomical Society In her report, in conjunction with that, a sign of winter is now looming on the eastern horizon, which is a large regularity of stars called – the winter circle – decorating the dawn sky in early September 2021.

The winter circle is sometimes called the winter hexagon, and it is not a constellation but rather a distinctive pattern consisting of six stars in 6 different constellations associated with the winter sky for us in the northern hemisphere, and the summer sky in the southern hemisphere..

When looking at the winter circle from the right, the star of the Gemini man is seen in the constellation Gemini, then when tracking the circle in a clockwise direction, we will see Al-Shi’ari in the constellation of the Greater Dog, and Al-Shi’ari in the constellation of the Lesser Dog, and the head of the rear twin and the head of the twin presented in the constellation Twin, and Al-Ayouq in the constellation Auriss, Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus, almost all of these stars are first magnitude, which means they are bright and easy to see..

The exception is the twin-headed star presented, as it is not a star of the first magnitude and is not as bright as the other stars in the winter circle.

In general we do not see the winter circle in June and July because it is obscured by the glare of the sun, but in late August the winter circle returns to the dawn sky, and a few months from now, when winter comes in the northern half we will see the winter circle decorating the early night sky.

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It is worth noting that the moon at the end of the current month of Muharram will pass in front of the winter circle from August 31 to September 2, so it will be a guide to identifying those stars..