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The world bids farewell to the Queen of Britain .. Details of "sad Monday" in London

The world bids farewell to the Queen of Britain .. Details of “sad Monday” in London

And after 4 days, during which hundreds of thousands queued in front of the coffin of the tallest kings Britain Seated on the throne in Westminster Hall Historic London, ends at 05:30 GMT, the period of consolidation of the Queen’s body.

Among the 2,000 people who gathered for the funeral, about 500 world leaders, including the US president, will be Joe Biden And theEmperor of Japan Naruhito and Wang Qishan, Vice President China.

Royal funeral details

  • 05:30 GMT: The Queen’s stay at Westminster Hall ends.
  • 09:35: A group lifts the casket and transports it to the Royal Navy’s “official cannon wagon”, previously used at the funerals of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII andKing George V King George VI, Winston Churchill, and Lord Louis Mountbatten.
  • Time 09:44: 142 people from Royal Navy They pull the cannon cart.
  • 09:52: The procession arrives at the west gate of Westminster Abbey.
  • 10:00: The official funeral begins, led by a branch chief Westminster Abbey Prime Minister Liz Truss and the Commonwealth Secretary-General are speaking.
  • 10:55: The end of the Mass will be followed by two minutes of silence in the church and across the UK, and planes will avoid flying over central London.
  • 11:00: The end of the official funeral ceremonies with the playing of the national anthem and a funeral procession.
  • 11:15: A motorcade comprising the King and some members of the royal family will proceed to Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner, and Camilla, the wives of William and Harry and Prince Edward – Kate, Meghan and Sophie, will follow in the car.
  • 12:00: The procession arrives at Wellington Arch, where the casket will be placed on a carriage for its drive to Windsor.
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Burial in Windsor

  • 2:10pm GMT: The burial procession begins in Windsor, joined by the King and other members of the royal family at 2:40.
  • 2:53: The procession stops at the bottom of the western staircase of the church Saint George.
  • 3:00: The last farewell mass will begin, led by the clergy in the churches near their various headquarters, and among the worshipers will be the Queen’s personal staff in addition to the rulers and heads of state in which the British monarch remains the ruler of the state.
  • Before the final hymn, the crown of the Empire and the polos will be removed from the casket and placed on the altar, the Archbishop of Canterbury blesses, and a hymn is recited: “God save the King.”
  • 6:30: The family attends a private burial and the Queen is scheduled to be buried with her husband Prince Philip At King George VI Memorial Chapel.

It would mark the end of a period of mourning across Britain, although the royal family’s mourning would continue for another seven days.