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The world is talking about “Expo”: “Remote Lands” pavilions display innovations from Earth to space

The world is talking about “Expo”: “Remote Lands” pavilions display innovations from Earth to space

Cairo (Etihad)

Expo 2020 Dubai, the world’s talk at the moment, and many foreign websites and newspapers from different countries of the world are reviewing the details of the event, which begins on the first of next October, and will continue until March 31, 2022, to explore the latest sciences, architecture and arts, in addition to the excitement it carries. Dubai is hosting the exhibition, as it includes the finest hotels and facilities in the region, which makes visiting it a wonderful cultural journey, according to the “Remote Lands” website. Middle east. The event is expected to bring travelers the concept of the city of the future through food, art and innovation, along with unmissable features such as the largest passenger elevator in the world, the vast Jubilee Parks, and introducing the future of eating out of the ordinary such as airy meringue and lively luminous jellyfish.

One of the most important features of the new exhibition is the rural pavilions, where each country showcases its heritage through entertainment, design and performances, and the World Expo includes more than 190 rural pavilions, and travelers can perform a waltz through the exhibition pavilions while tasting samples of food, and testing the sounds and celebrations that characterize it. different countries on this planet.

Each day of the fair offers unique experiences from different countries ranging from sustainability and wildlife to film and comedy, and the staff says: The exhibition includes more than 60 live events daily during the celebration, and whether the visitor prefers the dances of Monte Carlo or the songs of Malaysia, the World Expo 2020 promises promising performances from world-famous stars, comedians and attractions. The site added: The exhibition presents its visitors with masterpieces of engineering, which every designer dreams of, and the world’s largest 360-degree display screen in Al Wasl Square, and the “Historic Mobility Giant” building, which is nine meters long. The event also features pavilions that address ideas and themes that reach the limits of space, including the Opportunity Pavilion and the Sustainability Pavilion, where visitors can explore a dense forest.

Besides dining in underwater restaurants, exploring the Middle East’s capital of commerce by helicopter or skydiving over skyscrapers, Expo 2020 visitors can also ride camels and go to the sand dunes in the surrounding desert, then experience luxury in the vicinity of world-famous hotels such as the Burj Khalifa .

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