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“The World of Sleep, Sleep” .. Sculptures that embody reality in miniature

“The World of Sleep, Sleep” .. Sculptures that embody reality in miniature

world of miniatures It catches your eye at the first sight of seeing it, and it takes you to the world of fantasy and funny cartoon films, a world that you hold in your fist, the “world of sleep, sleep” sculptures that embody reality in miniature, making you deal and harmonize with nature to cross it into the art of sculpture and merge it with the art of miniatures.

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From dealing with agricultural nature to an artist in sculpture, Omar Al-Salihi, son of the Sharkia Governorate, 26 years old, a graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture, distinguished in the field of sculpture and integrating it with the art of miniatures away from his main field. Drawing and learning it with a self-discipline through YouTube to reach professionalism and call his project and workshop “The World of Name Name”.

The lens of “Akhbar Al-Youm” met with Omar Al-Salihi, the owner of the idea of ​​”A World of Sleep, Sleep” to tell us his creativity in miniature sculpture, saying: Since I was young, I have nothing to do with drawing or sculpture and I was not talented, but 6 years ago I helped my brother in his graduation project from the Higher Institute of Cinema From here, I began to engage in the field of sculpture and miniature art, and then appeared in front of me on the Internet the art of miniatures or “diorama” and attracted me from the intensity of its beauty and mastery, so I decided to learn and try and began to implement simple models for entertainment and posted on Facebook and received admiration I did not expect and encouraged to continue and learn this field more.

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Al-Salihi continued, “I trained for two years before appearing officially on social media and developed my abilities in sculpting, and this was difficult and required effort because it was far from my field of study and at that time I was a student at the Faculty of Agriculture and I did not have enough time because it is a practical faculty, and this was one of the biggest difficulties that I faced. She met me in the field and it took me a lot of time because I started learning from scratch, and with the passage of time and experiences, my level developed and I was able to combine the art of miniature with the art of sculpture, and the topic turned from a mere hobby to my field of work and a source of livelihood after people asked me to sculpt things for them, and this It made me completely move away from my field of study.

He added, I published models of miniature sculptures on foreign groups specific to the field of sculpture, and there was a positive response in an impressive manner and I was more encouraged. I created an official page on Facebook for my project and presented my sculptures with an Egyptian footprint, and this made me proud of being an Egyptian who proved himself among other nationalities working in the field of sculpture, I am still improving myself in making each sculpture to be better than the one that preceded it.

“Omar”, known as “Nam Nam”, said, “I use all materials from (wood – refractory clay – fabric – leather – metals), stressing that any material I can use for the model so that it appears naturally, but wood is the basis of my work, especially beech wood and azizi wood I use them extensively.” When I implement the models.

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The sculptor concluded by sending a letter of thanks to his family for providing material and moral assistance to him in his beginnings and encouraging them constantly, stressing that he will continue to develop his field until the name “Name Name” grows to become a brand inside and outside Egypt.