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Alžběta II. a princ Philip oslavili platinovou svatbu

The world remembers Prince Philip. Mourning of rulers and high politicians

Former US President George W. Bush and his wife Laura They also sent their condolences to Buckingham Palace. “He has always represented the United Kingdom with dignity and has always given his strength and maximum support to his ruler. Laura and I are fortunate enough to know his charm and ingenuity, so we know how much everyone misses,” the former US president wrote.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier He said he would be remembered as one of the many Britons involved in the struggle against Nazi tyranny. “Glad to have met his humorous humor in person at meetings in London,” he wrote to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. German President. “His contribution to democracy and peace will forever be remembered.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau He recalled how great a role the British prince played for others. “He was a service man. First a distinguished naval officer and then a prominent philanthropist,” A.P. Trudeau said. Philip had a special relationship with Canada. Not only is Queen Elizabeth II the legitimate ruler of this North American country and former British colony, she has also been appointed Hon’ble General of the Canadian Army and Honorary Admiral of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Navy.

Eternal rivals on the other side of the channel also mourn the loss of the British. French Minister for European Affairs Clemet Peon He tweeted that Prince Philip was indeed a great man of the “great image” of the United Kingdom. “Our thoughts and friendship are with the British people,” Peon added. According to CNN, news of Prince France’s death was immediately widely circulated, but this traditionally included reactions in the Republican country.

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Other European royal families also mourn the British Queen. To the Swedish king Carla XVI. குஸ்தபா Philip is a good friend. The 84-year-old king of Norway Harold Husband confirmed it on the day of Elizabeth II’s funeral. The flags at the Royal Palace in Oslo will be lowered by a half pole.

The Israeli Prime Minister expressed his regret Benjamin Netanyahu, German Minister Haiko Mass, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin, leaders of Lithuania and Latvia, Slovakia, New Zealand and the European Union. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called the prince “a symbol of a generation that will never return.”

“One of the aboriginal tribes living in the Vanuatu archipelago worships him as a god. One of the symbols of the modern British monarchy is left. RIP,” wrote the Czech Foreign Minister. Dome Bettek.