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أرعب العالم.. توقعات مكان وموعد سقوط صاروخ الصين التائه (خرائط)

The world terrified… Expectations of the place and date of the fall of the lost China missile (Khara .)

08:13 PM

Friday 29 July 2022

Reports issued by the US Department of Defense indicated the date and place of the fall of the remnants of China’s huge missile on the ground, which has raised the fears of many around the world, as a result of the possible effects of its fall.

According to American reports, the date of the fall is on July 30, corresponding to tomorrow, Saturday, at exactly six thirty in the evening GMT, with a margin of error of plus or minus 15 hours, according to Sky News Arabia.

The report indicated that expectations about the date are conflicting, as the satellite follow-up program of the International Astronomy Center predicts that the date of the fall on July 30 at 12:48 GMT is plus or minus 11 hours.

The report stated that the International Center published a map of the location of the expected fall, according to the expectations of the satellite follow-up program.

The report added that the center added that the green and red lines indicate the places where the satellite may fall within a margin of error of plus minus 11 hours.

The center explained that the map changes over time, and the closer we get to the date of the fall, the less the margin of error, and the fewer candidate places for debris to fall on it. one.

And if we know that this debris circles the Earth once every 89 minutes, this means that a margin of error of two hours means that there are large areas that will remain threatened by the fall of the satellite over them.”

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According to another report, published by “BBC”, the chances of landing the remains of the Chinese missile in a populated area are very low.