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انطلاق أكبر بالون علم في العالم تم إنتاجه في كابادوكيا

The world’s largest flag balloon launched in Cappadocia

The world’s largest flag balloon launched in Cappadocia

The world’s largest flag balloon launched in Cappadocia

Hot air balloons flew into the sky in Cappadocia, on the occasion of April 23, National Sovereignty Day and Children’s Day with Turkish flags and Ataturk posters.

And the Turkish “trt haber” channel, according to what was translated by the New Turk Post, stated that in Cappadocia, which is a tourist center known for its historical, cultural and natural riches, Turkish flags and Ataturk posters were hung on baskets of hot air balloons that allow tourists to watch the views from the sky.

The airships soared into the sky one by one from the take-off areas around Goreme.

The Turkish flag hot air balloon, prepared by Pasha Balloons Company, which produces local balloons in Ortahisar town of Urgup district of Nevsehir, also made a special flight for the day.

The holographic balloon, which was prepared before last year’s Cappadocia Balloon Festival, created a beautiful image as it floated over the valleys in the area.

For his part, Mehmet Khalis Aydogan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, told reporters that the balloon bearing the image of the Turkish flag has a dome of 432 square meters.

Noting that the airship will make an illustrative flight at various points in Turkey during the national holidays, Aydogan said: “Producing a balloon in the shape of a Turkish flag in our country gives a special pleasure.

He added, “This balloon is the largest among other flag-shaped balloons in the world.”

The balloons took off on April 23 in Cappadocia

This day witnessed a distinguished participation of the students, as company officials gave tours to five students who have a passion for balloons.

The teachers and students who were given the basket of the balloon flew over the area for about an hour.

For his part, Professor Vivizi Kotok thanked the authorities of the balloon company.

Fifth grader Kerem Yalnez also noted that he is excited to see Cappadocia from the sky.

Mehmet Dinler, Chairman of the Royal Balloons Board of Directors, stated that they want to make the children happy with the holiday they have been given.

The balloons took off on April 23 in Cappadocia

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