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The wreckage of the Nsk rocket will hit her over the weekend. United City is not meant to be shot | Swi

Gem Debris uncontrollable by rocket descent Long March 5b, last week carried the space block of the future orbit station into space, expected to hit Earth over the weekend. Still, it is not clear where or where the server was written.

The U.S. Department of Defense said Thursday evening that the U.S. military had not fully removed the remains of the U.S. missile. Sz pr in that the remnants of the rocket fall on the estimate. There is a lot to be done in our chil- dren, but this time, as we speak here, we do not have to remove the rest, said US Secretary of State The Guardian quoting US Secretary Lloyd Austin.

It turns out that this rocket will enter the Earth’s atmosphere on Saturday, although no one has yet been able to determine the exact date and city. Such predictions can usually be made a few hours before impact, as atmospheric resistance is less pronounced due to the sun’s activity, noted.

Aerospace Corp., a California-based nonprofit, has released a forecast praising the extent to which rocket wreckage will fly over U.S. cities. However, the organization says it is still too early to determine the exact city.

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According to experts, this 23-ton space debris will decompose in the atmosphere and increase heat, causing debris to fall into uninhabited areas, generating an estimated 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. However, this is not 100% sure. reminds us that codes are responsible for the codes generated by the impact of debris from a space object, but only this material, according to the first universe that creates the problem of international contracts and agreements. According to the server, the obligation to pay compensation arising from international negotiations was used only in 1978, when radioactive debris from the Soviet nuclear-powered satellite Cosmos 954 spread throughout the Canadian Arctic and required rapid and expensive areas. The states agreed in 1981 to reimburse one million Canadian dollars, equivalent to 7.5 million US dollars (160 million crowns).

The Long March 5B rocket delivered the Tiananmen (Heavenly Harmony) module in its planned orbit last Thursday. He was then disconnected from the module and kept himself in the rest, although according to experts, washing the descent into the atmosphere should be improved. However, the fact that the maneuver will occur has not changed since the beginning of the space program.

The Global Times, published under the official banner of the Communist Party, first reported that the rocket was out of control and could cause a backward hype. German astronaut and television commentator Jung Angping on Wednesday Global Times He said it was very common for rocket debris to hit Earth. In contrast, Jonathan McDowell, an expert at the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge,The New York TimesIn the last three decades alone it has launched such a large number of rockets into orbit and accidentally let the sweat come somewhere.

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