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The Xbox Game Pass update restores a game that was removed last month

Xbox Game Pass has brought back Quantum break After it was removed last month. Fans were confused about the change, due to the fact Quantum break It is published by Microsoft Studios, which makes it a first-party Xbox game. Previously, gamers were told that Xbox would not remove its own games from Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass originally launched in 2017. In 2018, Microsoft announced that first-party titles would hit the service on the day it was released and the first game to receive this treatment was Sea of ​​Thieves. Other games that have received the same treatment since then have been Forza Horizon 4And repression 3And state of decay 2 among other things. Since then the platform has grown even bigger, adding additional services and games such as the core EA Play service or free Riot games like league of legends. With all of the additional content, Xbox Game Pass is now a successful product within Microsoft with ever-growing revenue, with quarterly subscription revenue now approaching $1 billion. Therefore, Xbox is dedicated to keeping its users happy and avoiding disruptions, like the one that happened a month ago.

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After the player complained Quantum break After it was brought out from Xbox Game Pass, Aaron Greenberg, Vice President of Xbox Game Marketing, provided an explanation. He said the game would be temporarily deleted due to “some expired licenses that were in the process of being renewed.” He also promised to inform everyone at once Quantum break returned to service. Almost a month later, today Aaron Greenberg announced on Twitter Quantum break It’s back on both Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass and thanks everyone for their patience. Most of the commenters thanked Greenberg for the update and said they will continue to play the game.

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There were also those who deviated a bit from the topic, asking if there was any Quantum break 2. Given that the CEO of Remedy Entertainment said in 2018 that the sequel is awaiting Microsoft approval, there likely won’t be more details on that for a while.

Regardless, Xbox Game Pass users will likely be happy to know Quantum break He is back among the games offered, especially if they are in the middle of playing. As for an upcoming sequel, there’s no word on that front.

Quantum break Available on PC and Xbox One.

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