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The Xiaomi Super Charger charges the battery in an amazing eight minutes

For a long time, the manufacturer Xiaomi was very fast, although it was only a prototype so far. The new, faster 200W charging technology has been named Xiaomi HyperCharge, and so far it has only been shown in a video in a lab setting. The same goes for the 120W wireless mode.

The test was conducted by Xiaomi on a specially modified Mi 11 Pro smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery, which charges 200W HyperCharge with the help of a cable in eight minutes, and the 120W wireless connection is made in fifteen minutes. Half the battery capacity with a 200W charger is full in an astounding three minutes, and wireless in seven.

As usual, Xiaomi has not specified when the dreams of ultra-fast chargers will be available on regular smartphones. And it took a long time to go. Currently, the manufacturer offers only two smartphones with 120W wired charging, the Black Shark 4 and Mi 10 Ultra. None of them talk about it in Europe. Moreover, Xiaomi has promised 120W charging since the first half of 2019, but as we can see, it is still a very marginal issue.

The problem outside of lab conditions would be the large phone (or battery), which is a multiple of the 120W model. Fast shipping until these concerns deepened me. Xiaomi should be able to take advantage of this, and not start selling such technology.

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