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The youth basketball team is out of the Asian qualifiers

The youth basketball team is out of the Asian qualifiers

Ali Maali (Dubai)
Tomorrow, “Friday”, two matches will be held in the golden box of the Gulf Youth Basketball Championship, which qualifies for the Asian Cup finals, which is currently being held at Al-Wasl Club Hall in Dubai. Qatar will meet with Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia with Kuwait, where Qatar topped the group with 10 points from 5 victories, while Bahrain came fourth, and the Saudi team finished runners-up with 9 points out of 4 victories and 1 loss.

The Kuwaiti team ranked third with 8 points from 3 victories and 2 losses, Bahrain came in fourth place with 7 points from 2 wins and 3 losses, the UAE came in fifth with 6 points from one win and 5 losses, and Oman came in sixth place with 5 points from 5 losses. .
The top four teams qualify for the golden square, and they will qualify for the Asian finals scheduled for the end of this month in Iran, the Gulf champion and runner-up.
Our national team had been eliminated from the competition by losing to Kuwait by two points (basket) and with a result (37-39), at the end of the preliminary round, and at the same time, the Qatar team won a wide victory over Oman by 50 points, with a score of (82-32).
Our team missed the opportunity to finish the first quarter with a comfortable lead of 11 points with a result (15-4), after the Kuwaiti team succeeded in regaining its balance, and spread its rhythm on the course of the meeting, taking advantage of the many individual mistakes by the “Al-Abyad” players, which facilitated the task of Neil. The Kuwaiti Al-Azraq has absolute advantage with the results of the second and third quarters, and then the fourth quarter (15-12, 9-7, 11-3) and winning the match.

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