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Their authors say you can use women's urinals up to six times faster than a portable toilet

Their authors say you can use women’s urinals up to six times faster than a portable toilet

Updates: 05.06.2021 02:27

Britain – Two former students at the University of Bristol in England have found a solution to the age-old problem of endless queues for women’s toilets for outdoor events and the design of women’s urinals. They say it is six times faster to use it than a regular mobile toilet, the BBC’s news server wrote.

Amber Probyn and Hazel McShane suggested contactless Peequal . toiletBecause they were bothered by the long queues for women’s restrooms at festivals. Both women worked at similar music events across Britain for several years.

“During the break, we had to choose between going to the bathroom or eating, because the ladies’ queues were crazy,” said McShane, who studied physics.

“So we had to solve the everyday problem of our master project, and we knew right away what we were going to do,” adds McShane, who has addressed more than 2,000 women in Bristol about the project.

“There are no funnels in it, and it’s half private — you don’t see anything from the waist down,” McShane said of the invention, a prototype the authors tested at this weekend’s Bristol outdoor event.

“It’s actually a modification of the Turkish toilet, but we call it a pedestal,” McShane added, and accordingly the toilet’s slightly raised design resembles a vessel to mitigate the possibility of accidental splashing.

According to anthropologist Probinova, the “age problem” with standing in long lines on the toilet is an hour old.

“You first look at women’s urinals and you might think ‘I’m not sure about that,'” adds Probinova, “but after a few drinks and after a 15-minute wait in line, this option will seem more attractive to you.”

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